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Bienvenido a la página del Coro Gaudeamus

Próximos conciertos

Easter Concert
Červený kostel, Komenského náměstí, Brno – střed


15/01/18 New concert was added.
14/12/17 New video added.
14/12/17 New video added.
14/12/17 Choir Gaudeamus Brno has won the competition held at the 12th International Festival of Advent and Christmas music in Bratislava (Slovakia). The choir conducted by choirmasters Daša Karasová and Martina Kirová won two Gold Prizes in categories Mixed Choirs ‒ Adults, and Musica Sacra a Cappella. Due to the highest number of points, the Gaudeamus won the Grand Prix award for the absolute winner of the competition. Moreover, Gaudeamus was awarded by the Special Award for Best Voice Culture of the Choir. Ten choirs from Czech rep., Estonia, Latvia, Russia and South Africa participated in the competition. You can watch the video recordings of our performance at this website.
15/11/17 New testimonial added.
05/11/17 Announcing recruitment of new members.
23/10/17 New concert was added.
23/10/17 New concert was added.
29/09/17 New photoalbum added.
07/09/17 Announcing recruitment of new members.
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./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif Together there were 64 members from 10 countries in Gaudeamus choir between years 2013 and 2015. ./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif
El coro se sostiene financieramente por la ciudad de Brno, y región de Sur-Moravia.
Gaudeamus Brno
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