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Welcome to the Gaudeamus Brno website

News: We are looking for new members bass singers
News: We are looking for new members bass singers
Find more information in the section Want to sing with us?.

Upcoming Concerts

We are sorry, but we do not have any scheduled concerts at this time.


01/08/2019 Announcing recruitment of new members.
12/01/2018 New concert was added.
11/16/2018 New concert was added.
10/19/2018 New concert was added.
10/02/2018 Watch the world premiere performance of the "Prayers to Saint Wenceslas" by Jan Valušek (*1984). The composition was written as the commission of the Gaudeamus Choir and it was performed in collaboration with the Primavera Brno Childern Choir.
10/02/2018 New video added.
10/02/2018 Gaudeamus Brno participated in other festival.
09/25/2018 Information about the recruitment: the rehearsal of the Gaudeamus on 26th September have been cancelled. In case of interest, contact us by e-mail or telephone in advance. The first term for recruitment on 3rd October. Thanks for understanding.
09/23/2018 New photoalbum added.
08/31/2018 Announcing recruitment of new members.
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Gaudeamus is financed in part by the city of Brno and South Moravian Region.

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