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Bienvenido a la página del Coro Gaudeamus

Próximos conciertos

Lo sentimos, actualmente no hay conciertos próximos


04/04/21 Unfortunately, we couldn't perform the scheduled Easter concert due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year. Therefore, we would like to share with you at least our video recording of the Molitva, composed by the Estonian author Galina Grigorjeva. We performed this piece in the Czech premiere at our Easter Concert in 2018. The Gaudeamus Choir Brno wishes you blessed Easters.
01/01/21 New video added: Wassail song.
12/31/20 New video added: Z jedné strany chvojka.
12/30/20 The page with youtube videos provides you with links to each video, from now on. A click on the link copies the proper link to the clipboard (ctrl+c), and it can be then pasted (ctrl+v) arbitrarily. The provided link shows directly the video on this website on the top of the screen.
12/27/20 New video added: Vánoční vinšovaná pošta.
12/26/20 New video added: Padá rosa studená.
12/25/20 New video added: While by my sheep.
12/24/20 New video added: Tichá noc.
12/23/20 New video added: Veni, veni Emmanuel.
12/23/20 New video added: Mše č. 2 G dur, D 167.
12/23/20 New video added: Mše č. 2 G dur, D 167.
12/23/20 New video added: Mše č. 2 G dur, D 167.
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El coro se sostiene financieramente por la ciudad de Brno.

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