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Bienvenido a la página del Coro Gaudeamus

Novedades: Le invitamos a los próximos conciertos
Novedades: Le invitamos a los próximos conciertos
Novedades: Buscamos soprano, tenor and bass singers Cantantes
Novedades: Buscamos soprano, tenor and bass singers Cantantes
Para más información, vea la sección Buscamos.

Próximos conciertos

07/11/18 , 19:00
Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Mendlovo náměstí 1, Brno – střed
09/11 ‒ 11/11/18
Katedrálny chrám svätého Jána Krstiteľa, Prešov, Slovensko
11/11/18 , 16:00
Choral Concert of Sacred Music
Kostel sv. Jakuba, Františkánská 1, Trnava, Slovensko


19/10/18 New concert was added.
02/10/18 Watch the world premiere performance of the "Prayers to Saint Wenceslas" by Jan Valušek (*1984). The composition was written as the commission of the Gaudeamus Choir and it was performed in collaboration with the Primavera Brno Childern Choir.
02/10/18 New video added.
02/10/18 Gaudeamus Brno participated in other festival.
25/09/18 Information about the recruitment: the rehearsal of the Gaudeamus on 26th September have been cancelled. In case of interest, contact us by e-mail or telephone in advance. The first term for recruitment on 3rd October. Thanks for understanding.
23/09/18 New photoalbum added.
31/08/18 Announcing recruitment of new members.
23/08/18 We are happy to share with you our new videos recorded in July during the International Festival of Sacred Music in Loreto, Italia. We hope you will like them!
18/08/18 New video added.
18/08/18 New video added.
Podpořte nás nákupem přes Dobromat!
./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif Choir celebrates 20 years from foundation in season 2016/2017. ./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif
El coro se sostiene financieramente por la ciudad de Brno.

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