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Bienvenido a la página del Coro Gaudeamus

Próximos conciertos

10/19/19 , 18:00
Franz Schubert - Mass No. 2 in G major (D 167)
Bazilika Navštívení Panny Marie, Klášterní 563/3, Milevsko
10/20/19 , 17:00
Benefit Concert - Franz Schubert - Mass No. 2 in G major (D 167)
Kostel Proměnění Páně na hoře Tábor, Žižkovo náměstí 3, Tábor


07/15/19 Take a look at the new photos from the concerts of the Gaudeamus Choir held at the Mozart's Children festival in Brno and at the International festival of contemporary art with a spiritual orientation Forfest in Kroměříž.
07/14/19 New photoalbum added.
07/14/19 New photoalbum added.
07/12/19 New concert was added.
06/20/19 New concert was added.
06/20/19 New testimonial added.
06/17/19 Gaudeamus Choir Brno will take part in the XXX. International Festival of Contemporary Arts with Spiritual Orientation FORFEST Czech Republic. The concert takes place on Sunday 23 June 2019 at 8 pm in the magnificent St. Moric Church in Kroměříž. Gaudeamus will perform the Czech premiere of the Monochromes by American composer Daniel Kessner and in cooperation with the cellist Štěpán Filípek the two compositions for cello and mixed choir.
05/23/19 We are happy to share with you the three new videos from our recent concert "Myths and Legends". Let watch 'Sinikan Laulu' by the Estonian composer Veljo Tormis (with the soloist Oksana Venzheha), the 'Legend' by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky or 'Pust' by the Swedish composer Susanne Rosenberg.
05/19/19 New video added.
05/19/19 New video added.
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./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif We may sing on events according your demand. See section We offer for details. ./embededImages/graphics/DiagonalLine.gif
El coro se sostiene financieramente por la ciudad de Brno.

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