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Nous offrons

If you are looking for a performing group for your next cultural event, Gaudeamus offers the ability to perform a wide range of music which could work for a variety of events.


Our extensive repertoire includes compositions from the Renaissance to contemporary arrangements of folk songs, jazz and spirituals, and even larger choral and instrumental works.


We are able to tweak and change staging and/or dramatic design, and even learn and perform new compositions at the request of the event organizer. As part of an agreement, Gaudeamus requests that any recordings made of the choir be made available for usage by the choir.


If agreed upon, Gaudeamus is also able to help promote the event/concert with posters, invitations, etc.


If you are interested in having Gaudeamus perform at your next event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chef de choeur, membre du directoire:
Mgr. et MgA. Martina Kirová

Contact du téléphone
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Le chœur est soutenu financièrement par la ville de Brno.

Chœur Gaudeamus Brno
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