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Chœur anniversaire

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Gaudeamus fête ses 15 ans ‒ 09/01/11

Dans la saison 2011-2012 Gaudeamus célèbre 15e anniversaire

Gaudeamus Statistics

  • more than


    hours of rehearsal
  • over


    concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • more than


    different members
  • over


    choral pieces in the repertoire
  • more than


    orchestral pieces in the repertoire
  • took part in


    international contests and festivals
  • 8

    countries visited
  • 7

    inter-choral marriages
  • 4


Pillars of the Choir

There have been more than 120 singers who have sung in the choir during its 15 years of existence. 4 of these singers have been singing with the choir since its foundation in 1996-97 and have been unable to leave. They are still members to this day. Who are these devoted singers that form the core of the entire choir? What brought them to the choir? What keeps them singing? And what kind of fond memories do they have? Here are their stories in their own words:

Lenka Rašková (Alto)

Since the time I was 5 years old and won a plastic, red, "Little Lark" medal, my fate as a singer was sealed. "Bored in Brno" was my first few weeks in college until my friend brought me to a get-together of people with similar interests to me. This group of people later became Gaudeamus. Gradually, my co-singers also became my co-travelers, co-cyclers, co-vacationers, night-life wingmen/women, and of course, my best friends. We've gone through and learned a lot from each other. Some of these friends found their spouses and life-partners in the choir and have also begun to raise the future members of Gaudeamus Junior. Those who leave, often come back. Those who don't come back sit jealously and quietly in the audience. I don't know a better way to unwind after work than to sing. If you aren't a member of a choir yet, now is the time to find one!

Iveta Janovská (Soprano)

I was led to the choir by my elementary school teacher, Marcelka Wildová, when I was about 16 years old. I was used to singing in choirs since I was in 1st grade, but with my graduation from elementary school, I had nowhere to sing. The beginning of my tenure in Gaudeamus was very difficult for me because I didn't know anyone. On top of that, everyone seemed so much older and smarter than me. This is probably because they had all already gone to college or university which, for me, was in the distant future :). I also came to the choir thinking that I sang almost perfectly. The director at that time, Mr. Vatsek, quickly convinced me otherwise during my audition. In spite of these problems, I enjoyed the choir, the repertoire, and mostly, Director Vatsek so much that I decided to stay, and I am very happy that I did. Even though the directors have changed over the years, I still feel that my life would be empty without Gaudeamus.

My favorite memory of the choir is definitely the first festival in "Autun, where are we taking the car." Thanks to the time spent with my fellow singers outside of the regular rehearsals, I finally began to feel like a part of the group. In addition to singing beautiful music, we also had inter-choir gatherings such as the first "Fromage Party!" The retreat in Kyjov was also wonderful! We have even established an annual Labor Day day-trip with members from the choir.

Of course, without Gaudeamus, I wouldn't be married to my husband, Petr Janovský. Thinking about this does remind me that we haven't had an inter-choir marriage lately!

I wish Gaudeamus many more successful years, talented singers, and that in the future, there be a possibility of having an offshoot choir such as Gaudeamus Junior.

Hynek Mlnařík (Bass)

The word "amateur" comes from French from the Latin word "amare" which means to love. Gaudeamus perfectly fits the title of "amateur choir" in that the singers love to sing. This love of singing is what brings people from many and varied professions to our choir. For the entire time that I have sung with Gaudeamus, I have had the opportunity to meet people from diverse and interesting backgrounds who share the same love and interest in singing as me, but who are also able to have deep and interesting conversations on almost any topic imaginable. I also appreciate the opportunity I have to sing large and small cantatas and chorales, complicated jazz and even newly-composed modern pieces. It is this diversity that is elemental in keeping the members of the choir, and even the audience, interested. I hope that Gaudeamus will continue this diversity of repertoire and members for at least the next 15 years.

Petr Janovský (Bass)

What brought me to the choir?

Curiosity brought me to the choir the year after it was founded. I was about 20 years old. A friend who was singing in the choir at the time told me to come along to a rehearsal. Although I had already been studying wind instruments and piano since I was a child, I had never tried singing. I also realized that I really didn't know how to sing. The director at the time, Mr. Vatsek, listened to me and said, "Ok, now you are going to sing for the rest of your life." It looks like he was right.

Why did I stay in the choir?

Above all, the feeling I have when I'm singing. There is a special kind of magic you feel when you are singing with other people, your voices coming together to form chords and harmonies. For me, it is a completely different feeling than playing on an instrument. Another thing is the wonderful people who have always sung in the choir. The choir has also been where young love started blossoming for many people. An example of this is me. My wife and I met in the choir and still sing in it together today. I can't forget to also mention that the choir has always been led by excellent directors.

What are some good memories?

I have many of these, some of which are successful concerts, enjoyable rehearsals, hilarious moments from retreats, tours outside of the Czech Republic, day-trips with choir members, winning at contests… but 3 memories hold a special place for me. The first is of the founder of the choir, Alexander Vatsek. Working with him was an unforgetable experience, musically and personally. The second is our first tour outside of the Czech Republic to France. And finally, the third is the IFAS Contest in Pardubice where we won in all categories by a mile and where Director Vatsek directed the choir for the last timx.

What would I like to wish the choir for its 15th birthday?

To the director, I wish her a lot of energy and stamina, without which she would not be able to lead such a varied assortment of singers. Also, to have a good musical ear and personal insight when choosing new members for the choir. For us singers, good rhythm, clean intonation, and pure and clear voices. Above all, I hope that everyone from the directors and singers to our audiences enjoy our music.

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Le chœur est soutenu financièrement par la ville de Brno.

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